Lotte Executive Tower

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Hotel Lotte Co.Ltd
GA Design Group

This iconic hotel which dates back to 1980s underwent a renovation and the lighting team was tasked to create a timeless and exquisite lighting environment. The modest architecture enabled the creation of an intimate, residential setting with classic-contemporary styling. Minhwha, traditional Korean folk art and the surrounding natural landscape of the Bukhansan mountains, serve as inspiration weaving through the interior concept.

To capture nuances of the sophisticated interior colour palette, reminiscent of inky Korean paintings, 2700K lighting of CRI above 95 is used. Diffused, non-glare lighting details subtly accentuate displays of local contemporary art on shelves. Miniature long snoot spotlights are used to graze feature screens and art, creating the feel of an intimate gallery and ensuring the control of glare.

The use of covelighting with curved corners heightens the intimate volumes. Magnetic accessories enabled ease of installation of cove fixtures, ensuring a neat appearance. Downlight positions are carefully grouped and tailored to respect the classic contemporary ceiling moldings, while achieving light distribution to the right places. Deep recessed fixtures with honeycomb louvers limit glare.

In the lobby, a sculptural grand staircase encircles dramatic hanging art composed of gold flecked charcoal pieces. Atmospheric uplighting render both staircase and art pieces in dramatic silhouettes.

The new rooms are luxuriously decorated in the classic contemporary style, with exquisite colour tones illuminated with high CRI lighting. Beautifully executed covelighting introduce generous ambient light. To create a residential feel, concealed lighting in furniture is opted for whenever possible. Downlights are deep recessed and are kept minimal, used only where essential, e.g. to accentuate artwork.       

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