Grand Park City Hall

year of completion
Grand Park Propery Pte Ltd
RSP Architects, Hirsch Bedner Associates

The Grand Park City Hall hotel is located within the Civic District in Singapore and in close proximity to heritage landmarks. Built in the early 1990s, the hotel underwent a major refurbishment starting 2016 which lasted 3 years while it continued operation.

The challenge of the façade lighting design was to provide a measured lighting approach on a brand-new façade that firstly complies with strict authority lighting guidelines within the Civic district, respects the surrounding heritage buildings while at the same time projecting a contemporary look.  

The lighting design also aims to emphasize the tiered architectural language of the building namely the podium, tower and roof crown by highlighting the architectural details within each tier. On the podium, the base is emphasised with the framing of the arches and windows with bands of light. The building corners are given visual emphasis using custom designed backlit wall sconces and discrete arches with light.The retail elevation is illuminated using a mix of column uplighting at the drop-off and custom backlit wall sconces. Floodlights were integrated into the custom wall sconces to help improve the street illumination which was originally lacking.

The verticality and horizontality of the tower façade is highlighted using linear uplighting and subtle washes to the base of the roof.

The roof crown and wrought iron structures are decorated with 2500K warm uplights to the columns and the roof to differentiate these ornate elements from the rest of the building.

The façade lighting is controlled fully under a dimming system, enabling the lighting levels to be dimmed to sensitively compliment the surrounding historic buildings with gradual reduction in brightness levels from evening to late night.

Light fittings have been carefully selected and installed to avoid any glare and provide maximum visual comfort to guests and adjacent buildings.

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