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Firstly, a good rapport with the client, architect and interior designer is essential. We have been blessed to have the opportunity to collaborate with many partners who really appreciate the importance of good lighting design and the contributions it can make.

A strong artistic vision coupled with a solid foundation in technical understanding is essential in any successful lighting project.  

In lighting hotel spaces, we are given the opportunity to choreograph the guest’s lighting journey – from the arrival to culinary experiences and to areas for wellness and relaxation etc. It is important to have a sensitive and calibrated approach to the lighting mood and feel for each space, whether it should be calm, intimate, dramatic, etc. In lighting design, the overall big picture is important but so are small details, and we sometimes dictate lighting details down to the millimetre. A good understanding of how different materials react with light is fundamental.

This calibrated approach also extends towards the exterior areas of the hospitality environment. We pay a lot of attention to how the lighting of the exterior spaces compliment the interior spaces such that the guest experience is cohesive. Façade and landscape lighting is also carefully considered to avoid any spill light into the interiors or cause glare discomfort to guests.  

Lighting control is also a very critical element in the crafting of various scenes to create different moods to suit different times of the day. The same space can be transformed beautifully and take on varying looks throughout the day, evening and night using lighting control.