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This six star hotel is located in the tallest building in Seoul. Addressing high volumes is a key challenge in the lighting design. The hotel features double-height ceilings that convey a sense of airiness. It was an important consideration for us to use fixtures that deliver sufficient lumens and are yet ‘quiet’ and subdued at the same time.

The hotel rooms are carefully designed and curated to create a mood of tranquillity. For example, floral motifs and the use of blue and violet in the colour scheme were inspired by Korean embroidery and ceramics. The lighting design helps to enhance this soft, relaxed atmosphere.

Feature lights make spectacular visual statements. For instance, at the champagne bar, discreet lights illuminate a cloud of amber glass discs, and in the arrival lobby, a centrepiece of illuminated glass tubes seem to sway in the wind. In contrast, architectural lighting is provided by subtler devices, such as linear LED downlights and long snoot spotlights, which prove particularly effective in lofty environments.

Fixtures with clean and minimal forms are selected. In general, luminaires are tailored to complement the building’s sleek architectural style and provide visually comfortable and glare-free lighting. Due to the high location of the hotel, ceiling space for mechanical services is extremely limited and it was essential to use fixtures that have minimal recessed depth and provide good glare control at the same time. It was also extremely important that the lighting does justice to the beauty of the luxurious materials used. LED lighting of 2700K and high CRI exceeding 90 was used to this effect.

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HOSPITALITY design awards

AHEAD (The Awards for Hospitality, Experience and Design) 2018 – Hotel Newbuild – Shortlist

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