Evian Spa, Signiel Seoul

year of completion
Hotel Lotte Co. Ltd
Wilson Associates

Lighting for this Alpine themed spa was inspired by the notion of evolving natural light, icy mountains and warm wood cabins. It was an opportunity for us to use the latest variable white LED technology. Unlike conventional projects where we usually pursue consistent colour temperatures, here we could be creative and thoughtful about how different colour temperatures enhanced different materials and evoke different moods.

In addition, we wanted to create lighting hues tinged with subtle blues and pinks, alluding to how sunlight changes on snow-capped mountains. These nuanced colours could not be achieved with variable white or RGB LED. Hence, we looked at the old school method of using colour filters, which proved not only effective but also budget friendly.

The overall effect had to be carefully balanced. Mock- ups were conducted to select specific colours that reacted best with the interior materials. Lighting with high CRI was used, to flatter materials and also customers’ skin tones. We studied how subtle and deliberate variations in colours and colour temperatures bring out the cool iciness of stone, the comforting warmth of timber and the feeling of dusk and dawn.

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Lighting design awards
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