Capri by Fraser China Square

year of completion
Frasers Hospitality Pte Ltd
Blink Design Group Pte Ltd

This is a trendy, social brand hotel in Chinatown, juxtaposed against shophouses and skyscrapers.

The team was tasked to give the property a night-time presence, although exterior lighting costs were not in initial construction budgets. Optimised cost performance and efficiency are key here, together with simplicity in implementation and maintenance.

The lighting solution focused on the tower’s main feature, a composition of rectilinear frames, inspired by Chinese lattices. By illuminating the architectural frames randomly, this graphical approach accentuated the hotel brand’s whimsical nature. On a practical note, lamp failures become less conspicuous, hence prolonging time for replacement.

High efficacy LED fixtures with precise optics outline each frame with light, while avoiding light pollution into guestrooms and night skies. Integral fixture screens shield direct view of light sources, enabling undisrupted enjoyment of the city view.

At street level, lighting creates a lively atmosphere, with a ‘welcome mat’ of light at the hotel drop-off, and well distributed 2700K lighting along the retail thoroughfare.

A central feature ceiling comes with random uplighting accentuating lattice silhouettes, echoing the façade concept. Uplighting along shopfronts boosts ambient lighting levels and draws attention to retail signage. Linear downlights complement the architectural language.

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